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Sexy marching colorguard

I quickly left his section without a backward glance, retreating back to my own. Another was embarrassed because now I have to tell him why. He looked over at me, probably hearing the clatter of my dropped things, and for a moment, I was frozen. It felt good, it felt nice, it felt… right. Just then, we both heard the door creak open, our eyes flashing open, Mikey immediately pulling his face away, breaking the kiss. It's not my usual behavior. He seemed to understand that, which is why he made the offer in the first place. And so is Maggie, but because she's a drummer, she got to talk to him, she got to be his girlfriend. I'll fix it after practice; I've already wasted enough time as it is. Was he serious?! Once outside, his walk immediately slowed, probably preventing time to get to the Gym. But I'm a junior. Sexy marching colorguard

Sexy marching colorguard

Sexy marching colorguard

Sexy marching colorguard

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    Then it has more forceful; his lips on my own, parted slightly as were mine. Everyone knows, at least in our two sections, that a Guard can never date a drummer.

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