Sexual abuse recovery group My WINGS group became the safest place I have ever known.

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Sexual abuse recovery group

From that point on, group members will bring up topics that are important for them. Many survivors say following their sexual abuse or discovery of they lost a part of their identity. Support groups offer survivors an opportunity to regain a sense of self and speak out on their experiences. The Women of Color Support Group is a week group in which participants will explore the impact their abuse has had on their individual and group concepts of identity, relationships and other areas of their life. The information shared during the group is confidential. Every month the topic will be different in order to cater to the various needs of our community of survivors. Some objectives are to: Your attendance is an opportunity to fellowship with other survivors and share experiences without the commitment of our closed groups. Participants will learn to release and create relaxation through meditation and mindful breathing. Sessions will include art, poetry, and other activities to assist in the exploration of topics. It helps to talk about it. Sexual abuse recovery group

Sexual abuse recovery group

Sexual abuse recovery group

Sexual abuse recovery group

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    Women of Color Support Group 14 weeks Women self-identified over 18 who have experienced sexual abuse as a child or adult Self identify as a person of color Do not need prior therapy experience Made a commitment to sobriety for the day of the group and to healing from trauma Group Description: You may be able to tone and strengthen the physical body by relaxing and releasing the tightness in muscles, and creating flexibility. It helps to talk about it.

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    Courage to Heal Workgroup: Contact Us. This is NOT a process group but members will be guided through mindfulness exercises and encouraged to use the time to practice a tools of self-awareness and self-soothing.

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    Members will need to meet with the facilitator s to do a brief screening interview prior to attending. The Power of Healing Support Group: This is a group for individuals who have experienced sexual violence within their family of origin.

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    We only ask that you keep communication open with other group members. This is a series of workshops geared towards holistic healing for individuals impacted by sexual violence that taps into the more non-conventional techniques that can promote healing for example: Every month the topic will be different in order to cater to the various needs of our community of survivors.

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