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How to Deal with Insecure People

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Peoples insecurities

We may compare ourselves to others. Women tend to put these insecurities out into the universe believing that it will temporarily help them feel better about themselves. This is a major insecurity because women feel they have to constantly prove themselves and if any issue appears in their family matters it is usually them that have to sacrifice their careers. Men love independent, strong-willed, and intelligent women, so when your life isn't so put together especially in its career aspect it can definitely have a negative effect. Too painful. So many of us do it and we all worry if we have the right filter, perfect caption, erase any blemishes-- you name it there is an app to hide it. If they knew about your fears Some women will buy into the hundreds of dollars worth of creams that you see on television commercials stating how they will get rid of your cellulite but those are all gimmicks. And listen to them. It's because women tend to exaggerate the proportions of the imperfections you find. Cellulite is actually just fat that has settled underneath your skin allowing it to look bumpy and wrinkly. Look at anyone who has ever become an expert at something. Peoples insecurities

Peoples insecurities

Peoples insecurities

Peoples insecurities

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