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Chut ka gyan

The writer demolishes the standardized rules of changing gender through the words such as: Almost every page has several Hindi and Bengali words such as: Villagers have used sang, nautanki and birha - in the northern India- as modes of entertainment. Their criticism is true too to some extant as English words enter popular Punjabi or Haryanvi songs not the Punjabi or Haryanvi words entering Western pop music. Popular music, popular media and popular Indian English fiction are major participant in this linguistic revolt. New York: Brown Rang Lyrics Here in these lines, we find not only words from different languages but we find the complete sentences in different languages. Such language is used on radio and television talk showswithout discretion and in popular music lyrics. However, so far, no such attempts have been successful. Notes and References: Chicago University Press, The Effects of Mass Communication. To illustrate this premise one may refer to Shree Chut ka gyan

Chut ka gyan

Chut ka gyan

Chut ka gyan

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