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Osho sexuality

Hypnotized by his pauses and the way he drew out the 's' sound at the end of words to a long hisssssss, I almost missed his bawdy jokes. Sex is not so forceful as we feel it to be. Ordinarily we use both words as if they have an inner association. You feel it showering on you, you don't seek and search for it. So on the surface it looks very different, as if the Eat and the West are poles apart. You still have to transcend it. I say to you, "A bullock cart is coming down the road. Transcending sex and not suppressing is essential to achieve that state. No more is needed, my needs are fulfilled. Greed and fear are your interpretations of the division, but the division is first and then come your interpretations. Osho sexuality

Osho sexuality

Osho sexuality

Osho sexuality

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    Suppression ultimately makes it to come out many times more intensely, like an obsession. I asked her about her formative years and how she found out about sex. If you watch life you will be surprised.

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    They are not defensive because there is nothing to defend.

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