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Guy christian cardiff

All hairdressers employed by Bellisimos must have the correct qualifications and certifications so that the client has access to the highest quality of services. They provide Bellisimos with an array of products. Firstly, you have Guy Christian hairdressers. Bellisimos is also partnered with Keune. Founded on October , Bauhas explain that their philosophy involves dynamic colouring and precision cutting. Who designed the salon? The location was also a huge attraction — Cardiff Bay is a prestigious redevelopment area. The second location is the original salon, a few minutes from the Friary in Bakers Row. What was the state of the premises? What was the brief? Bellisimos Hair A popular option is Bellisimos hair salon. I wanted to contrast the raw, warehouse look against more opulent touches. For me, it was important to find a designer that I could work with in a collaborative way. Would you change anything about the design? It was an empty, unoccupied shell with a breeze-block floor, concrete ceiling and little else. An international brand found in over 70 countries. Guy christian cardiff

Guy christian cardiff

Guy christian cardiff

Guy christian cardiff

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    Guy Christian. Who designed the salon? It is also based in the centre of the city and surrounded by many restaurants and boutiques.

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    It makes use of L-Carnosine and Vitamin E, substances which stop nerve damage to enhance hair cuticle smoothness and hydration. An international brand found in over 70 countries. In retrospect, a matte finish would have been more practical.

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    Guy Christian.

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    Even more impressive products are the vegan-friendly So Pure hair cosmetic product.

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    It is also based in the centre of the city and surrounded by many restaurants and boutiques.

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