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Eric johnson strat neck

Thanks to the versatility of the electronics, shifting between styles was effortless. Given the tendency for bridge pickups to emphasize the higher frequencies, this design makes perfect sense. Though I normally favor a nice rosewood fretboard, I have to say that the maple generates remarkably pure tone. The neck is one-piece, quartersawn maple, preferred by Johnson for the way it translates the harmonic balance from neck to body. The neck has a 12" radius, and the profile starts at the first fret with a soft V and ends at the 12th fret in a large C, emulating the neck of one of Eric's favorite Strats. The EJs I played had a neck more like the "usual" soft V neck of the Jimmie Vaughan the first JVs, a tiny batch of them, had a massive hard V neck, much sought after and is also like the Classic 50s and CP 50s except it is a little bigger and of course it is 12" and feels a bit bigger due to that. But you can place your thumb on the keel the raised V part of the shape and take a break - it simulates a much fatter, easier to grasp neck. This painstaking process is typical of Custom Shop quality and is similar to the way Fender finished guitars in the '50s and early '60s. It's one of those rare instruments that lets your talent, style, and individuality shine through with ease. Honing that voice to Johnson's specifications was no easy task, however. By Edward Paul For Eric Johnson, when it comes to music, integrity is of the utmost importance, from the producers and musicians he works with to the tonal qualities of his guitar. The result is a fingerboard that is flat enough to provide lower action and plenty of string stretching without fretting out. Thanks to Johnson's pursuit of the ultimate tone, the wait was worth every second. Eric johnson strat neck

Eric johnson strat neck

Eric johnson strat neck

Eric johnson strat neck

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    Frank-Braun and Johnson again looked to the past to find the ideal tremolo configuration. The large arm contour gives it a prestigious look, and the shallow pickup cavities and 'style pickguard show the level of thought and detail that went into creating this stunning instrument.

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