A sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Girlfriend

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80 Sweet Text Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend

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A sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend

A love story of a boy and a girl who fitted each other. I only wish that I could make you feel just as special and valued. The impact of a smile from a beautiful woman is amazing on men. At night, gaze up at the moon and know that I am looking at it. I automatically smile whenever I see you. I want to care for you more than anything in the world. You deserve my al. You are the perfect blend of charm, mischief and silliness. I will make sure that I keep you happy everyday of my life, so that you can continue to smile in happiness, and whenever you are not here, just smile over the phone, or anywhere else, and I will feel it right from here! I am in love with your flaws, and I want you always to know that I will love you till the end despite any challenges we will face. I often wonder how the universe was able to create a woman as incredible as you. Do you know why? Your love has been both my comforter, and my life is a reflection of yours for the rest of my life. For every day I wake, its a great feeling knowing you are the partner I'd want to spend my life with. A sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend

A sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend

A sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend

A sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend

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    And I stuggle to find something that helps me carry on. When you see the morning always think of me when you see the sun let it be us. I love you beyond words.

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    To my bones, I feel a lot of happiness when I am home feeling so tired, for I know I'm coming home to a woman is more than caring.

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