What does kissing a girl feel like How do girls feel when they kiss or get kissed by a guy?

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What Guys Think Before A First Kiss

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What does kissing a girl feel like

There are many theories about how kissing originated and why we do it. First kisses can be both passionate and simple. Source 5. It's as if you can feel and hear the other person's heart beating. Don't look at this as a sign of denial—it's natural for first-time kissers. It took! Your body is your trusty guide to finding love and a strong partner. Your first kiss could happen at your place, in a backyard, at a party, in the bus, at his place when his parents are not around, on a chilly winter date, at a friend's place or at the most random of places. A first kiss will likely be spontaneous. A lot actually. Women experience a flood of oxytocin during childbirth and breastfeeding, strengthening the mother-child bond. Find out what and what not to expect. You can feel it right through your whole body. Unless your partner is an expert kisser, both of you are likely to stay away from any kind of lip biting or nibbling. Share on Pinterest Photo: What is in a kiss? What does kissing a girl feel like

What does kissing a girl feel like

What does kissing a girl feel like

What does kissing a girl feel like

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    A good first kiss doesn't have to be hot and steamy or of the advanced kind of kissing, like a french kiss. Have a look at some of the science behind kisses of all kinds and see what you think. Keep the kiss sacred.

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    Unless there is tongue action, which is unlikely, your first kiss could be over quicker than you expected it to be. Just remember that not everyone wants to be kissed or sees kissing the way you do.

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    Pressing your lips against someone else and, in some cases, swapping saliva?

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    Keep it passionate.

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