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Hunter river australia

Except for the driest parts of Tasmania and a small area of the Monaro between Cooma and Nimmitabel, the Hunter Valley is the southern limit of rich "black earths" actually black cracking clays. Today, the modern Putty Road between the cities of Windsor and Singleton follows Howe's exact path and is a major thoroughfare for wine tourists coming into the Hunter Valley from Sydney. Tours are available during the warmer months, departing from both Morpeth and Newcastle. Wine is a standout highlight of the Hunter Valley. Maitland Gaol The Lower Hunter is home to what was once the longest continually running goal in Australia. Hunter Valley[ edit ] The Hunter Valley is one of the best routes to the interior of the state with access relatively unimpeded by mountains and other obstacles. It's not exactly the affordable backpacking destination it once was. The region soon became a valuable source for timber and coal that fuelled the steamship trade coming out of Sydney. The climate of Hunter Valley is humid subtropical , similar to the Greater Western Sydney region, with distinctive maritime influences from the Pacific Ocean. The Hunter as it is known, offers a range of activities to suit any traveler's budgets. Between these two geological areas is the Hunter- Mooki Thrust fault. A highlight of the events calendar is the annual Hunter Valley Wine and Food Festival , a celebration in May and June of the elegant wine and diverse produce. Climate[ edit ] Parts of the Upper Hunter Valley can be very dry and experience drought conditions during the growing season. Severe flooding again occurred in June and again in State Water Corporation's Glenbawn , the largest dam in the region, Chichester and Lostock are dams on the Hunter, Chichester and Paterson rivers respectively. The river is joined by ten tributaries upstream of Lake Glenbawn; and a further thirty-one tributaries downstream of the reservoir. It is the largest area of relatively low-lying land near the coast of New South Wales, and owing to the shielding by rugged ranges to its north, is much drier than any other coastal region of the state. Hunter river australia

Hunter river australia

Hunter river australia

Hunter river australia

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    This leads to generally drier conditions in the winter months of July and August. Did you know you can go whale-watching in Newcastle?

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    In June fishermen sheltering from bad weather discovered coal there, and the river was initially called Coal River. History[ edit ] The Hunter River was discovered by European explorers in the s.

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