Effective dating sql SQL to join two tables with Effective date ranges

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DateTime functions in SQL Server Part 25

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Effective dating sql

Sort By. It is implemented as a special form of second normal form, what I can version normal form vnf. You might also have fields that change but you don't wish to track those changes. Yes, you can store promotion details and associate them to products, but what happens when a promotion starts and then ends? Figure 4: Suppose that after an administrator inactivates the record for Dave's Auto Wholesaler, someone else edits that record, reusing its ID ID 1 for a new auto dealer named Bob's Dynamite Autos. JR at this stage I still can't figure out what I need to do to get your code to work. Now we have a problem. Now all FKs can reference the main entity table as normal. You have to switch prices in the products that are affected. If so, you may be in dire need of Effective Dating and not even know it. In a statically defined type table, the values rarely change over time and any changes are carefully planned and executed. And if the start and end dates between versions ever get out of synch, you have a gap or overlap and good luck finding the right values. This is what I call the "Delusions of Eternity" anti-pattern. Effective dating sql

Effective dating sql

Effective dating sql

Effective dating sql

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    I have used this technique for about 8 years now and I've never had to alter it because of performance issues. ID 1 now has two different descriptions.

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    So is there an inherent advantage to either approach or are they both essentially equally efficient? Using this design, let's look at the weaknesses of the previous design and see what's happened to them:

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    Type tables that support effective dating follow the design pattern shown in Figure 2. McDermaid Jan 8 '17 at 9: Take entities that have many, many changes many thousands of versions.

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    The error is "syntax error in query expression 'R.

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    Jan 1 A type table is nothing more than a normalized database table that provides at a minimum two primary pieces of data: This vnf , as it turns out, is really the simpler design.

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