12 steps of alcoholics anonymous About the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 12-Step Recovery Program

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12 steps of alcoholics anonymous

AA meetings can take place anywhere. Throughout the course of recovery, you will find yourself repeating the Sixth Step several times. They share experiences and support each other. That means that changing requires hard work. When we are continually honest with ourselves, it is much easier to recognize triggers, behaviors, and attitudes that could result in a relapse. The other direction you may want to consider is to become a sponsor yourself. Talking to someone else can help alleviate negative feelings of shame and guilt. Admitting when we are wrong allows us to continue moving forward in humility, without the denial and self-deception that addiction brings about. This step requires self-examination that can be uncomfortable, but honesty is essential in this process. Newcomers are not asked to accept or follow these Twelve Steps in their entirety if they feel unwilling or unable to do so. The Tenth Step is all about taking a continued moral inventory. In other words, when you can temporarily make yourself subordinate to someone or something that is helping you, it is possible to be guided in the right direction. 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous

12 steps of alcoholics anonymous

12 steps of alcoholics anonymous

12 steps of alcoholics anonymous

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  • Gogrel says:

    AA meetings are typically a bit more informal than people expect them to be. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

  • Nikolrajas says:

    This ensures a tight-knit support community specifically for alcohol abuse recovery. We have to face those we have wronged, take responsibility for the harm we have caused, and try to make up for that harm in some tangible way.

  • Grosho says:

    The amount of time you spend in a step program may depend on the severity of your addiction, your drug of choice, your support system, and how committed you are to recovery.

  • Brale says:

    The program focuses on abstinence.

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