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Skout chat

When you're near a fellow user, you can check out their profile before you decide whether or not to get in touch. The app will often send notifications to your phone and when you log in they disappear. Never received the email. Tried multiple times and never got an email. Now children are allowed back on the GPS-based app, parents are concerned that similar cases could happen in the UK. Having this app has been very interesting I've been enjoying it for years but the one thing I must say you have to be careful of certain things I've been scammed a few times but you end up catching it just read through the lines when they ask you for certain things your emails especially from people from other countries you know what thereafter they tell you they fallen in love with you they'll send articles tell you stories and then in the long run at the end after they've got you for a few months or even six months even up to a year then the whole big thing comes out they need money send a check to this and that need to get over here to our country so that's the one drawback just be careful but other than that I've enjoyed it: After parents were warned that paedophiles can use the app to target kids, here's everything you need to know. Trying to send a pic during chat is hit or miss. There are always ways around this, so children may run into some more mature content. In an effort to eliminate sexting, Skout does not allow teens to post photos in private chats. The location of people is terrible. The app uses location services to provide local matches, but teen accounts show only an approximate location. In terms of content, parents should know that Skout monitors posts for inappropriate or suggestive comments, and takes action to delete any posts that violate terms. But there is no way the app can verify users' real ages. Skout chat

Skout chat

Skout chat

Skout chat

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    Skout users can also scroll through a grid-like collection of member photos, select those of interest and direct chat with whoever posted the picture.

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    Users aged between 13 and 17 will automatically be placed in a teen section of the app, which bans private photo sharing and prevents chatting with people less than miles away. There are several ways for Skout users to search other users within the app. Completely useless!!!

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    They said:

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    It uses your phone's GPS to put you in touch with people who are nearby, letting you chat with strangers, send virtual gifts and share photos - provided you're over Never received the email.

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