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Mary Landrieu wants "dot-sex. A federal court has said , when ruling against a law using a similar definiton of "harmful to minors," that legitimate sites like PlanetOUT and Salon magazine could be imperiled. Fritz Hollings hopes to regulate. In its response , the Internet governance group says: Copy-protection standards aren't the only thing that Sen. But it would make using the domain mandatory for anyone in the United States with any text, video or photos that the government believes to be "harmful to minors. At the Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference in San Francisco, privacy activists handed out this year's not-very-coveted awards — a golden statue of a jackboot crushing a human head. Other data would be controlled by an "opt-out" standard. If you violate the sex-ad prohibition, you can go to jail for up to 10 years. Ashcroft, who once likened criticism of the Bush administration to treason and lobbied for more wiretapping authority with no expiration date, received "Worst Government Official. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has replied to a suit brought last month by one of its directors. This smacks of extreme double standards. It is shortsighted to think that this will assist in bringing down the levels of crime over that period. Most Popular. It would mimic rules enacted by European bureaucrats, which require explicit customer permission before sensitive information such as political or religious beliefs could be collected or shared. If it is going to be legalized then do it in a proper and more permamnet manner so as to ensure that there will not be people who are going to abuse this "window of opportunity". On the subject of whether it should be legalized for the WC, I find this deplorable. Sexidea




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