Policy that prohibits employees from dating Policies About Workplace Dating

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Dating Your Employee

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Policy that prohibits employees from dating

When a workplace relationship goes south, the parties involved must still see each other every day in the office. Even in the absence of any illegal activity, it can still turn heads if a relationship is discovered, especially between a supervisor and a subordinate. Reputation damage. Clearly, these relationships can result in charges of sexual harassment, years or decades after the fact. People who work together also tend to live within a reasonable dating distance, and they see each other on a daily basis. You might consider a policy that prohibits supervisors from dating any employee who reports directly to him or her. When it comes to meeting people, the office is the new village. Sexual assault or harassment charges. This includes an employee who reports to their bosses counterpart in another department. Make sure that your employees are aware of all the rules and policies regarding workplace romances. Some employers simply require disclosure of relationships. Lawsuits brought by employees against their employers are on the rise, and small businesses are not immune. Policy that prohibits employees from dating

Policy that prohibits employees from dating

Policy that prohibits employees from dating

Policy that prohibits employees from dating

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    Make it easy to report inappropriate activity. To avoid this, companies institute various types of dating policy.

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    There could also be problems if the relationship becomes a distraction for other employees in any way.

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