How to scare pigeons away from my balcony How to Get Rid of Pigeons on Your Roof, Attic & Balcony

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How to scare pigeons away from my balcony

Our relationship with pigeons is a long and varied one. Whatever you do, you need something solid. Install sloping covers to window sills and ledges. So our battle began. Make sure the area is free from any caustic properties, such as in the use of chlorine bleach. Since it works so well to get rid of your pigeon problem, it may also make all other birds stop coming around as well. You can incorporate the same methods for home use, as well. Scare Off The Pigeons Birds afraid of several things. The sticky nature of honey will create an issue for pigeons to rest at a place as they loathe adhering places. If you find trapped pigeons, release them at some other location. The cd kept hitting the vertical poles in the railing from the wind which made noise, so I wrapped some wool around the poles near the cd and presto - no noise, and no pigeons. Avoid using the chemical baits. This fearlessness is what gives them the confidence to nest in, or around our homes. No bird, from crows to pigeons can physically sit or nest on top of the spiny, steel spikes. This makes it impossible for the pesky perpetrator to perch. Just as with actively feeding them, any readily available food source will have them flock into your home. How to scare pigeons away from my balcony

How to scare pigeons away from my balcony

How to scare pigeons away from my balcony

How to scare pigeons away from my balcony

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