Short bobs for fine thin hair 46 Perfect Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

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Hairdresser Tips for Thin & Fine Hair - Kia Lindroos

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Short bobs for fine thin hair

Just cut a few, subtle layers for added movement. Blow dry hair as sleek as you can. Let hair go from the crown all the way to mid-ear before creating any cuts, and then crop in at the nape of the neck for a crisp, clean finish. Wispy Texturized Bob A big plus of fine hair is an opportunity to create many ethereal wispy styles with the feel of air in your hair. Adding in the light pink tips sweetens things up, so it cuts into that harsher vibe, and also helps with versatility; pink can be edgy too, so you can still pull off your favorite rocker looks, but a cute black dress would look just as fabulous. I recommend styling products with a light fixation that give shine and volume to the hair such as the Perfect Me by EIME Wella Professionals before and after drying. Fine straight hair works best with a short bob that has graduated layers for a nice, even flow around the head. If so, opt for a short stacked bob with long peek-a-boo bangs. The layers keep the straight strands from falling flat while allowing them to maintain their sleek and polished look. Follow up with a flat hair when hair is completely dry if needed. Layered and Highlighted Bob One of the best short hairstyles for thin hair, this bob features wavy hair in a cute and chic way, with a base of a dark brown and overlaid highlights of blonde. This is a casual styling, but the overall cut allows for many different style choices. Short bobs for fine thin hair

Short bobs for fine thin hair

Short bobs for fine thin hair

Short bobs for fine thin hair

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    If so, opt for a short stacked bob with long peek-a-boo bangs.

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    If you are bold enough, embrace an undercut topped off with high contrast spikes. The easiest way to achieve the look is to opt for an asymmetrical long pixie with messy, angled layers cut throughout your locks.

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    This look and cut is extremely low maintenance and wearable for most busy lifestyles. They break up the flatness of the monotone base color, and give an ethereal quality to your hairstyle. Messy Highlighted Waves Some hairstyles have a long history because they prove to be flattering for different types of hair.

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    Pull hair up and spray a texturizing spray up into the roots to create that incredible volume. The strategic layers of the stacked style lift the back, and the shaved section gives extra dimension to the side. A lightly layered bob is especially helpful for thin-haired ladies as it adds shape to limp, lackluster hair.

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    The same goes for the side-swept bangs. Blow dry hair as sleek as you can. Sleek Blonde Pixie Cut Then again, sleekly placed hair for pixie haircuts is totally chic.

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