Large senegalese twist with kanekalon hair

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Large senegalese twist with kanekalon hair

Try not to apply too much tension especially around your hairline. Choose shades which suit your skin tone and eye color. The weight of long twists keeps everything in place. You can create accent twists in any shade you want, but a cool-toned blonde is definitely a good option if you want to look modern and urban. Source Twists with Brown Accents Senegalese twist hairstyles are good protective styles. You may simply tie your twists. In the morning, remove the rods to reveal beautiful bouncy curls! Bun with Undercut Bold, brave and edgy, why not take the plunge and go for an undercut? Instead, do it all in one step using one ponytail holder. Clean and precise, bob-length cuts with blunt edges are so on-trend and can be glammed up with metal cuffs. Back Braided Bun The extra-long twists accentuate the elegance of the bun. A high top knot with designer shaved sides , this look is for a woman who wants to be edgy. Follow-up with a moisturizing conditioner or a deep conditioner as needed. Head scarves and silk wraps are very flattering to African American ladies. You can find out why here. Large senegalese twist with kanekalon hair

Large senegalese twist with kanekalon hair

Large senegalese twist with kanekalon hair

Large senegalese twist with kanekalon hair

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    Bold Bright Braids One of the best things about protective hairstyles is that you can switch up your color with no damage to your natural locks! Best for small to medium twists. A price worth paying if you want a flattering, feminine and manageable hairstyle.

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