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Simply use alcohol prep pads to cleanse GlansPro's prongs and you can be assured that you are not introducing new germs to your penile tissue. Advanced grip design allows you to maintain a perfect stretch optimal for foreskin growth The GlansPro stretcher utilizes wrap-around grips that give you finer control over how much pressure is applied on the inside of your foreskin. Unlike our earlobes, the foreskin is an extremely thin piece of tissue with a dense network of nerves and blood vessels. Hold this stretch for 10 minutes and then stop. While this may seem like a good thing, it is actually the exact opposite of what you want when treating your phimosis. You will start noticing that your foreskin begins to expose more of your glans each day. This is not true because many studies have shown that adult phimosis can be cured by manual stretching. Steve D. I highly recommend the glanspro stretcher because it is easy to use and it works. Silicone rings cut off blood flow within the foreskin The silicone ring stretching method is based on the same approach many people use to expand the size of their ear piercings. Unfortunately, the moment you insert a silicone ring into the opening of your foreskin, the blood flow within the foreskin gets interrupted. Silicone rings indeed help gradually widen the opening of ear piercings over time however the same is not true for the foreskin. And what about the claim by balloon device manufacturer's that stainless steel isn't an ideal material choice for foreskin expansion… GlansPro also distributes this pressure evenly across 3 contact surfaces, allowing your expansion to be both safe and comfortable. I was able to stretch my foreskin enough to pull back my foreskin and expose my glans completely. Our shipping department provides all the necessary customs forms with the shipment and most shipments clear without any incidence. Glanspro




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  • Zulut says:

    When it comes to stimulating your foreskin cells to multiply and grow there is an ideal zone where the pressure is just right. Balloon manufacturers ignore this fact and suggest that you simply keep reusing the balloons. I knew this problem would only get worse with time and I was running out of excuses.

  • Vogar says:

    The GlansPro stretcher works in a similar way, giving you perfect control over the prongs that stretch your foreskin. Repeated stretching like this will stimulate the foreskin to respond by adding more skin cells around the circumference of the phimotic band and grow.

  • Kigakinos says:

    Here are the details of the study that balloon device manufacturers fail to mention:

  • Zulkim says:

    This ability to provide focused pressure exactly where it is needed to stimulate the foreskin to grow is what cures phimosis. It does not give way to resistance - Since stainless steel is a rigid substance, the amount of pressure you exert on the hand grips is exactly the amount of pressure that the phimotic ring will experience.

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