Same sex siblings showering together Warm? Siblings bathing together

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Same sex siblings showering together

Do you think her showering separately should be more encouraged at this point? I don't think you should change your view but I do think you should accept them for the way they are and not impose your own values of personal space on them. Sort by: Oldest Newest 27 Posts t trace09 If the siblings are of the same gender I dont see any problems with them showering together as long as they like M MrsMittens3 As long as they're comfortable and same sex siblings I wouldn't make an issue of it. My point is OP, that old ladies view is valid, it matters and it should be accepted but she was wrong to try and impose that onto others. Just because you don't do something doesn't mean it's not normal for others to do it. Quite a lot. If a parent is embarrassed to talk about a body part, that will make a child embarrassed to ask parents when they have questions. At 9 my body was starting to go through changes. The this old lady came over and started giving out to her about not having the decency to do it in private and when we asked her where there was that was private in a shopping centre she suggested the toilet, I mean she wouldn't eat her dinner in the toilet yet she expects my friends child to do that because it offended her sense of decency. Follow Your Gut The truth is that there is really no magical right or wrong age for your children to be bathing together; it depends on your own level of comfort and that of your children. Same sex siblings showering together

Same sex siblings showering together

Same sex siblings showering together

Same sex siblings showering together

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    I noticed it and knew it was different but it wasn't something that bothered me. Nicole K. Once boy-girl siblings start noticing and asking about the other's body parts, it may be time to end shared baths.

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    Thank you for subscribing Give us a little more information and we'll give you a lot more relevant content Your child's birthday or due date Girl. M Muffin36 As long as both children are comfortable with it, I don't see a problem.

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    My sister still has to go in and help her 9 year old rinse her hair it is super long though and then she has to turn around and stand guard at the 6 year olds shower time to make sure he actually bathes himself.

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    Nicole K.

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