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Romantic shower sex

Since you're in a confined space, your go-to positions may no longer work. Some showers come with rails inside that are great for providing support. But somewhere, deep down in my soul, I still believe that shower sex can be hot. Do yourself a favor and buy a bath mat. If you have a shower seat, use it. In fact, Fleming says it can be a lot hotter if you view it as foreplay and not the main event. This might be a bit much for someone who's just looking to get it on in the shower every now and then, but if you're doing it on the reg—or if you're more generally worried about falling in the shower—they might be a good idea. What I do have, though, is a wall. Depending on the size of your shower, you might even be able to do missionary which isn't really very missionary-like when you're all steamy and slippery, so rest assured you can still feel cool. Or, if you're really committed, consider installing rails. Play around with seated sex positions, and see if you can find one that works. Avoid getting soap in your eyes, mouth, urethra, or any other place where it might sting or burn, Abdur-Rahman says. Use showering together as an opportunity to experiment with new sensations and get super turned on—you can always take things to the bedroom after the fact. Walls are especially great for standing sex, though I'm sure you could find other, more creative ways to incorporate them into your routine. I want to believe that our collective shower sex fantasies weren't for naught, and that it's possible to have shower sex that isn't scary or awkward or painful or dangerous—or all the other adjectives that entered my brain that one time I watched myself have shower sex. If finding the right lube is stressing you out, consult our handy-dandy lube guide. Romantic shower sex

Romantic shower sex

Romantic shower sex

Romantic shower sex

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