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Funny things to cheer someone up

Studies show that petting animals releases oxytocin, serotonin and prolactin, which is like a happiness cocktail for your brain. Years later, Chrysler engineers admit that it was only made that way so that the trunk could open. Fill the house with balloons while they are sleeping. It does take time for the hormones to trigger and heal the pain or disappointment they may be feeling. Send them to the spa with a gift certificate and let them choose their own massage and aromatherapy. Binge on those cute cat and baby videos you have bookmarked. Take them to happy hour. Make them a soundtrack of soothing sounds. A mere extra, passing through their thoughts in milliseconds, but milliseconds of their story nonetheless. Give them a safe space to cry, if they need to. Funny things to cheer someone up

Funny things to cheer someone up

Funny things to cheer someone up

Funny things to cheer someone up

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