Windows 2008 dhcp server not updating dns

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Lab 04 - DHCP Configuration and DNS Update Proxy setup

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Windows 2008 dhcp server not updating dns

Again, sometimes, kicking your netlogon service on the DCs sometimes fixes any replication issues. Our settings are now an amalgam of what went before which didn't work and what I've gleaned from MS documentation. It does not delete the records. That process can be set for anytime that is greater than 24 hours. Tombstoned record exists for value of the DsTombstoneInterval attribute, which is 7 days by default. The DnsNode object is moved to the Deleted Objects for the length of time of the tombstoneLifetime attribute value. The values can be changed. The 7 and 7 day intervals work hand in hand with a default DHCP lease time of 8 days. Dynamic updates are set to Secure Only, and Aging is 2 hours no-refresh, 6 hours refresh intervals. Otherwise, expect issues to occur. Make Scavenging period as 1 day so that scavenging will try to delete stale records after every 24 hours. If a laptop gets a record at 8am on a Monday, but unplugs and goes home and comes back on Thursday, the laptops will attempt to get the same lease. Windows 2008 dhcp server not updating dns

Windows 2008 dhcp server not updating dns

Windows 2008 dhcp server not updating dns

Windows 2008 dhcp server not updating dns

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    In a nutshell, scavenging processes and DHCP lease time are directly interdependent. If not setup on the DNS server level, then each zone needs to be configured individually for the scavenging of stale records.

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