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Standard egg production high sex breed

The relative weight of the eggshell was similar in both categories. Egg quality egg weight, eggshell thickness, albumen height, yolk height and yolk colour was determined using fresh eggs ranging from 7 to 40 per breed, fifteen days after sexual maturity and then every month, four times in total. The average maximum RH recorded in the morning and evening were Rough handling should be avoided, if not it may develop fear reaction, which affects the semen volume during ejaculation. For other breeds, the combs and wattles are normal color during the laying period but fade after the laying period. If your hens stop laying, you may be able to identify the source of the problem by asking the following questions: Brown egg birds are slightly less efficient at egg production per pound of feed than are white egg producers, mainly because the brown egg laying breeds are larger bodied and require more feed for body maintenance. Unless the birds are diseased, they are suitable for marketing or home cooking. Measurement of Traits Economic Traits. Hatching eggs It takes a female between 23 and 32 hours to produce a fertile egg. Feed mills assemble the available ingredients in combinations that provide all the nutrients needed by a flock in one package. Eggs were weighed using a battery-operated electronic digital balance. The eggs are held here for about three to seven days prior to placing in an incubator. The present investigation was undertaken to compare the performances of a breed and three crossbreeds in a semi-scavenging system of management. To collect semen the operator should place the thumb and index finger of the left hand on either side of the cloaca and massage gently. Values for TI duration were transformed logarithmically before being subjected to data analysis. Do not squeeze with fingers but apply pressure evenly with the palm of the hand. Standard egg production high sex breed

Standard egg production high sex breed

Standard egg production high sex breed

Standard egg production high sex breed

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    For example, you may have to delay light stimulation if the hens are too small. For other breeds, the combs and wattles are normal color during the laying period but fade after the laying period. Commercial lines had very weak bones compared with traditional lines but there was relatively little genetic variation for eggshell strength.

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    Hens lose the yellow pigment in a specific order. Excessive Feather Loss - Hens with tender backs avoid the males by staying on the slats or hiding in nests. Crowding floor space.

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