Resuming sex uti treatment Preventing UTIs and Avoiding Reinfection

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Resuming sex uti treatment

Do I need medicine? Go to the bathroom frequently and never hold your urine. In fact, many of them feel uncertain about having sex for several weeks afterwards. There is conflicting evidence about whether cranberry juice has any effect on bladder infections. Bacteria from the rectum is more likely to get into the urethra if you wipe from back to front instead of front to back after a bowel movement. What are other possible causes of painful urination? Your local sexual health clinic should be able to diagnose Cystitis from asking about your symptoms. Ann Intern Med. Some women find that unsweetened cranberry juice, a cranberry concentrate supplement, or vitamin C every day makes urine more acidic and helps prevent UTIs. Maldonado G, Greenland S. Washington, D. Fam Pract. Resuming sex uti treatment

Resuming sex uti treatment

Resuming sex uti treatment

Resuming sex uti treatment

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