Hot rough sex stories ‘Owned’ Chapter 6 Prologue (An erotic *read absolutely filthy hot* short story)

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Hot rough sex stories

The pre cum leaves a shine like a coat of lip gloss. Slowly pushing inside her tight, wet, canal, he grunted in carnal satisfaction. Once Jim was able to catch his breath and compose himself, he slowly worked his way up to my face and gave me the sweetest, most passionate kiss that I have received from him in a long, long time. Suddenly, he slams his face into mine, his tongue violently plunging into my mouth and thrashing around. Stripping off my clothes, I notice myself in the mirror. Thurman gasped at the sight. Jim kisses me passionately, one more time. He started dating her in college, after a night of partying at a local get together. She did not wear any panties beneath her garter belt and her waxed, beautiful pussy was exposed. Sliding his arms under her, he reached up and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her toward him as he rammed his cock deep. He begins to move his fingers in slow circles the way he knows I like, then speeds it up. Another slow moan escapes my lips as he begins to eat me out. She started moaning loudly as my thrusts grew faster. Fuck it. Hot rough sex stories

Hot rough sex stories

Hot rough sex stories

Hot rough sex stories

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