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Elephants in need of mating, sexual intercourse only every 4 years due to gestation and nursing time

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Adult elephant sex

After the sex is completed the pair wrap their trunks around one another and swish, swish their tails in unison. And then there are the clans, which consist of about 10 families. Often times the cycles of male and females don't coincide. Behavioural reactions depend upon the identity and maturity of encountered individuals [ 43 , 44 ], but the influence of sex has not been explored. He carries his whole body a different way, carries his head high and his chin tucked in, and has a special musth walk and musth vocalization, and he is very, very aggressive. Photo A4 Females have smaller more pointed or square foreheads and more slender tusks. Often many males come around and many copulations take place but the egg is usually not released and conception does not take place until the end of the female receptive period when largest male around is guarding her. It's a very stable unit, and the bonds among females are very strong. Young elephant sometimes even play hide and seek in the tall grass and playfully ambush buffalo calves When juvenile elephants wrestle with bigger ones. The fundamental frequency F0 of a vocalization is affected by the dimensions of the vocal folds the source [ 8 , 9 ]. But our studies showed that musth also occurs in African elephants and that it is a very important part of their reproductive strategy. Certain families have special relationships with certain other families; we call that the bond group. As the source signal travels through the successive VT the filter , its length and shape amplifies certain resonant frequencies formants selectively [ 8 ]: Adult elephant sex

Adult elephant sex

Adult elephant sex

Adult elephant sex

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    To achieve full penetration he has to stand almost vertically.

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    Yet, controlling for age and size effects, our results indicate that the pronounced sexual size dimorphism in African elephants is partly, but not exclusively, responsible for sexual differences in social rumbles.

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    Material and methods Study subjects and housing Our study subjects were 9 adult female and 10 adult male elephants from two European zoos and four South African privately owned elephant keeping reserves Table 1.

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