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Ruark, and named for Ruark's wife. Ruark, Inc. Pipe rails have been added for passenger carriage. Deck beams are oak, with two On November 3, she was caught in a gale at the mouth of the Choptank River and sank in 20 feet 6. In , following an accident in which two crew members drowned, she was placed in a corporation, Rebecca T. Alvin Cook of Cambridge, Maryland bought her and moved her to Cambridge. Todd and Emerson Todd, Jr. She was homeported in Baltimore, Maryland until , then moved to Crisfield, Maryland before moving back to Baltimore in An aluminum hatch provides access into the new space, which is used for sail and line storage. Ruark carries a standard skipjack rig of jib-headed mainsail and a large jib. She has a rounded chine with a sharp, convex clipper bow on a sloop hull. He sold her to Herman B. She is stated to have originally been rigged as a two-masted schooner and converted to a sloop. Behind the hatch is a small trunk cabin with a three-sided doghouse aft, with double doors leading from the doghouse to the hold. Truark




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    Pipe rails have been added for passenger carriage. She does, however, retain her original appearance, with some concessions to the passenger excursion trade.

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    He sold her to Herman B. She has a rounded chine with a sharp, convex clipper bow on a sloop hull. Ruark, and named for Ruark's wife.

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