Challenges for friends to do Fun Challenges to Do with Friends: 13 Funniest Things You Can Do

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Top 10 Challenges to do at Home

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Challenges for friends to do

Because everyone is different, not everyone will handle the more extreme challenges in the same way. The quickest to complete the challenge wins. This is one of my favorite challenges to do with friends. Each can should have a corresponding number on a piece of paper to be drawn from a bowl. The crazier the ingredients the better this challenge will be. Depending on how many people are participating will depend on the categories. You should not take water or any other fluids when taking the challenge. Oh, you might think this challenge is a piece of cake, but think again! Pucker up and have fun with this challenge. See if you can eat everything without throwing up. It is more fun to watch than do. You've seen your fave celebs trying it and now it's your turn to see if you can survive the final dab. Challenges for friends to do

Challenges for friends to do

Challenges for friends to do

Challenges for friends to do

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    Blindfolded Makeup Challenge Blindfold a friend and get them to apply your makeup as carefully as they can.

  • Sazil says:

    Everyone should proceed upstairs and at that time they will each be given a raw egg.

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