Things to spice up a marriage 24 Ways You Can Immediately Spice Up Your Sex Life

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How To Spice Up Your Marriage After 20 Years

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Things to spice up a marriage

Sometimes it takes him a while to get it, but when he does I eventually get a text and he's pretty much raring to go. If your idea of experimentation means getting a little kinky, shop for some sex toys together in person or online, or play around with safe forms of bondage blindfolds or handcuffs, for instance. It gets your heart rate up and your husband will totally love seeing you taking care of your body. This is a FUN way to show him you love him. Avoid the temptations of staying on Facebook or on the phone every night for hours. Let us help your marriage bloom in just ten days! I often purposely touch him gently and let my hand linger for a few extra moments. Your kids will benefit greatly from it! My husband always teases me about how I take items out of this hand — like money or car keys. It relaxes both of us, and the intimate and gentle touching leads to kissing and then sex. Try different positions or have sex somewhere other than your bedroom. Schedule sex. Help him relax and enjoy his time at home. Watch porn together. Things to spice up a marriage

Things to spice up a marriage

Things to spice up a marriage

Things to spice up a marriage

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