10 best states to live in The top 25 states to live out the American Dream, ranked

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Top 10 Cheapest States In The United States To Live In 2019

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10 best states to live in

Vermont is not exactly a magnet for tourists, suggesting there may sometimes be a shortage of things to do. Inclusiveness, health Quality of Life rank: Air quality, attractions Quality of Life rank: Even its nickname, the Evergreen State , conjures up images of strength and sturdiness. A- Strengths: But in some states, it's closer within reach than it seems. High-ozone days are practically nonexistent, according to the American Lung Association. Vermont Mike Brinson The Image Bank Getty Images The Green Mountain State has America's second-lowest violent-crime rate, a healthy population, a pristine environment and strong antidiscrimination laws to make sure all can enjoy the place. All the better to experience the breathtaking scenery around you. Yes, Minnesota winters can be brutal, but we don't consider weather in our Top States study, because it is just too subjective. Trick question — it is the Eastern Goldfinch. Plus, Washington did not become the home of companies like Microsoft, Costco and Amazon by turning away skilled workers. 10 best states to live in

10 best states to live in

10 best states to live in

10 best states to live in

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