What are the three chipettes names

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What are the three chipettes names

She cares about Simon and gets along with him very well. She wears pink but has been seen in other colors i. We had a baby girl at the time. Born to Rock, the discography of The Chipettes consists of featured appearances on Alvin and the Chipmunks recordings. With Brittany and The Chipettes we can handle those sorts of things. In The Squeakquel , she falls for Alvin at first sight and vice versa. Born to Rock. Fortunately for them, their species seems to mature faster than human beings and the Chipettes were able to walk, talk, and extent fend for themselves while they were still in their infancy and no larger than the size of a human's hand. I wanted to do female chipmunks that have counter personalities to the Chipmunks so we could do some girl tunes. Brittany Miller[ edit ] Brittany Miller is the oldest sister and leader of the Chipettes and is the female counterpart of Alvin. Chipwrecked , which was released on December 16, The two of them do share a very nice sisterly relationship. At the next class the lab was empty, Brittany was showing the five new students inside the lab. In many instances, Brittany cares more about herself and her appearance. In The Squeakquel, she falls for Simon at first sight. The Chipettes appeared on the small screen before appearing on any albums. Their first appearance on the Chipmunks album was on 's Songs From Our TV Shows which was released on March 4, , nearly seven months after the Chipettes debuted on the first episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks television series on September 17, What are the three chipettes names

What are the three chipettes names

What are the three chipettes names

What are the three chipettes names

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    Brittany was the born in Australia, Brittany pushes Jeanette around a lot and takes advantage of her kindness, but deep down they love each other very much and are very loyal to each other.

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    Eleanor Miller[ edit ] Eleanor is the youngest sister of the Chipettes. The Chipettes also appeared in Alvin and the Chipmunks:

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