My husband doesn t fancy me anymore My husband doesn't fancy me because I'm fat

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Signs You Aren't Feeling Your Man Anymore

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My husband doesn t fancy me anymore

One obvious reason is that he finds someone else attractive and is justifying this by casting you as a platonic family member. This is now developing into arguments and my husband is reluctant to discuss it. Talking about sex is really important. I mean, he kissed me on the second date, and that's definitely not how I treat my friends. The first time he doesn't get an erection on cue is a sobering experience, even if he's not sober. The key is what both of you are happy with, and you are clearly not happy. He has his space with the door closed, and when I enter he guards his laptop and phone. I could feel he wanted me. I had a total hysterectomy at 27 and have been taking hormone replacement therapy HRT since Is it too hot in here? So I mentioned that to him, and he said just said we're "different" BS. Take up an interest that you're genuinely keen on and have never had time for before. A common side-effect of anti-depressants and anti-hypertensive drugs is…you guessed it, a low libido. I recommend again that you connect with a professional therapist online. Sex therapy would help you get things back on track. That is the risk, but either way it is illuminating and, unless you want to spend the next 30 years in this dulled state, it is a process you have to go through. My husband doesn t fancy me anymore

My husband doesn t fancy me anymore

My husband doesn t fancy me anymore

My husband doesn t fancy me anymore

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