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Getting married in the uk with the uk marriage visitor visa

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Marriage visitor visa uk requirements

When applying for a Marriage Visitor Visa you will be required to submit a number of documents, including but not necessarily limited to, the following: If you are both Jewish, then Jewish marriages are very flexible, without notice requirements or need for the venue to be licensed - Jewish weddings are just about the only outdoor weddings in England. I expect you will find it difficult to get a Marriage Visitor Visa if your intended spouse is permanently resident in the UK as the immigration officer is very unlikely to believe that you don't intend to live with your spouse after marriage. Same-sex weddings are allowed with registrars. If you have a question about the Marriage Visitor Visa, please contact us. During that time, you will be expected to marry or enter into a civil partnership in the UK and then return to your home country or country of residence. The only ways around this are Banns but you're not resident in the UK, so that won't work , to get a Special Licence from the Archbishop of Canterbury for a Church of England wedding very unlikely, let's be honest , or to be Jewish or Quaker. The actual conduct of weddings in those countries is much more flexible than in England and Wales notably: However, they are unlikely to approve a marriage that isn't held as part of a regular Meeting for Worship in a Friends' Meeting House, so you pretty much have to be a member of a regular Meeting to have one. A Marriage Visitor Visa will only be issued for a maximum of six months. You are free to marry You intend to marry during your visit to the UK You can be supported without working or having recourse to public funds during your visit You intend to depart the UK before the expiry date of your visa. It is also not available to individuals who qualify for British citizenship. By Anne Morris T We help individuals with their UK immigration needs, and can guide and support you through any Home Office process, including an application to visit the UK to get married. If you have no intention of settling or remaining in the UK, and only wish to get married in the UK, then this visa may be appropriate. The Church of England adds if one or both of you does not live in England or Wales, it is recommended that the Licence procedure be used rather than banns. There may be other visa options available to you in the event that you wish to live and work in the UK after you get married or enter into a civil partnership; take advice on your circumstances and potential alternative immigration routes. Marriage visitor visa uk requirements

Marriage visitor visa uk requirements

Marriage visitor visa uk requirements

Marriage visitor visa uk requirements

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    Same-sex weddings are allowed with registrars. Details of your local register office can be found at The General Register Office.

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