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Business etiquette in latin america

Also, back to back meetings are highly discouraged see tip 3. Dining Business lunches are almost a must and they are normally long. A hug is also common among friends, except in Costa Rica. When you do, Latin Americans tend to consider whatever is discussed near the end of the meeting as the least important. Excusing yourself to go to the bathroom during a meal is frowned upon and is considered to be rude. However, if I was late for any of these meetings they would have still greeted me in the same friendly manner as before and would consider a slight tardiness to be perfectly acceptable. Handshakes are firm and relatively brief. Conversation Latinos do not begin business meetings with business talks, rather they make small talks on personal topics to get to know their associates a bit. Hence, if you need to go on business trip to Latin American countries it is very important to follow a professional attitude. Greeting practices In Chile, a man should only shake a woman's hand if she offers it first while in Colombia, rather than a handshake, a woman might hold the person's forearm. Raising your fist to head level is a sign of Communism in Chile. Latin Americans generally are very friendly, very physical, and very good hosts. We would also be pleased to answer any questions you may have by contacting us at info thornhillcapital. When we started, we actually expected some business similarities with Europe and possibly the United States. Business etiquette in latin america

Business etiquette in latin america

Business etiquette in latin america

Business etiquette in latin america

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