Boy names with cute nicknames 15 Baby Boy 'Nicknames' That Make Kickass First Names

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Boy names with cute nicknames

Can he make you do almost anything? Not only is the name beautiful and traditional, it's also one that will never go out of style. It did see a drop however after the 17th century because of its association with military commander Oliver Cromwell, an English military and political leader. A famous bearer of the name Remington is of course, Remington Steele, a female TV detective character. Bearers of the name Quinlan are said to be excellent at analyzing their surroundings. For parents looking for a traditional classic, Benjamin is a perfect choice. Is he as good-looking as they come? The name resonates well in our memory and we are sure it will for you, too. Most people with the name Cameron are given the nickname Cam, which is also another great option for any little boy. Banana — A cute name for a crybaby. Above all, we think Nathaniel is the kind of name that a child would be blessed to have. They are courageous, determined and sometimes aggressive. Then you can call him Peach. Seriously, though! The name itself is a perfect choice for any parent looking for something impactful and traditional. So, for all you parents-to-be considering this name, get ready for a little boss. Boy names with cute nicknames

Boy names with cute nicknames

Boy names with cute nicknames

Boy names with cute nicknames

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    Here are a few things to keep in mind before you pick a name. With an expression number of three, bearers of the name Addison are creative people who are usually drawn to the arts.

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