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Laemmles pasadena

The Laemmle Foundation was designed in a way that allowed the family to give back to those neighborhoods and communities that have supported the theatres and made them what they are. I wish I had another film ready to go so I could submit next year! A flexible approach is also paramount, allowing the foundation to respond swiftly to shifting times and the needs of the day. Over the years, the foundation has been able to flourish with respect to its resources, but more importantly, in promise for our community. Please consider becoming a PIFF sponsor today. You also managed to assemble a marvelous group of volunteers and staff, all of whom are to be commended for their work. With the desire to be more than just theatres and entertainment, the Laemmle family took a leap into what is now one of their significant ventures, and created The Laemmle Charitable Foundation in After nearly 62 years of successful business, and the recent opening of Playhouse 7 in Pasadena, the time had come for the next great Laemmle project, and the foundation was born. Share this: About Laemmle Charitable Foundation A vehicle for social and ecological transformation in our community. I've been to a lot of festivals and Pasadena is one of the most flawlessly put on, well organized, beautiful festivals, in this beautiful hotel and this wonderful courtyard The foundation has made an effort to always distribute funds to multiple charities and over the years has been fortunate enough to give more than just money, but also their time. Laemmles pasadena

Laemmles pasadena

Laemmles pasadena

Laemmles pasadena

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    Each year, the board determines how much funds are available and then makes allocation decisions.

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