Taylor swift at the grammy awards Justice for Taylor Swift: Why her surprising Grammys snub is unfair

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Taylor Swift the complete history of the grammy Awards

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Taylor swift at the grammy awards

It boasts some of her most poignant, vulnerable lyrics on top of subtly powerful, sparkling synths. It was also highly deserving of its album of the year nomination. Read more about the Grammy nominees: These lyrical gems are also weighed down by moments of childishness "King of my heart, body, and soul" is a ridiculous phrase and Swift sounding like an immature high schooler "You should take it as a compliment that I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk," she titters on "Gorgeous". In reality, Swift most deserved a nomination for song of the year. The category used to be called "best contemporary album" and then "best pop album," finally arriving at its current iteration in And the song is abysmal — we all know it. That commercial success does not equal quality has been used to belittle pop music for decades, which is neither fair nor what I'm trying to do here. Throughout her career, Taylor Swift has been the definition of a Grammys darling: This was Swift's true snub. But it's inconsistent and messy, which are hardly adjectives that should be used to describe an "album of the year. Its perfunctory nomination for best pop vocal album translates as a conscious decision to shut Swift out of the major awards , which naturally shocked many critics and outraged fans. Taylor swift at the grammy awards

Taylor swift at the grammy awards

Taylor swift at the grammy awards

Taylor swift at the grammy awards

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