Mens wedding bands metals pros and cons Pro’s and Con’s of Wedding Ring Metals

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The Dangers of Tungsten & Titanium Rings

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Mens wedding bands metals pros and cons

Many grooms like the sleek, masculine, and contemporary appearance of the metal. Browse our collections! The metal you choose should truly come down to lifestyle and personal preference. Which contemporary metals are hypoallergenic? Over time the yellow starts to show through the rhodium plating. Although gold and platinum are still among the most popular metals for a groom's wedding band , tungsten is becoming an increasingly popular choice. This means anyone can change gold into cash or gold is just like cash. Also listed below, are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of each type of metal. Tungsten is the hardest and most scratch resistant metal, but non metals such as diamonds, sapphires and other hard crystals can still scratch. Ready to purchase? These are either edited or they are not really hitting it that hard. Some want a certain color, maybe a white metal, maybe a dark one. Attempting to adjust the metal will simply lead to breakage. Very durable, hypoallergenic Cons: Tungsten's shine won't fade throughout the years, so you can expect the ring to maintain its luster long after your wedding. Use our metal matrix to compare all of the metals we offer and figure out what type of wedding band material is best for you, for the long haul. There are dishonest companies posting videos online showing tungsten rings being hit by a hammer and not breaking. Mens wedding bands metals pros and cons

Mens wedding bands metals pros and cons

Mens wedding bands metals pros and cons

Mens wedding bands metals pros and cons

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    The metal is available in white, gray, and black—making it ideal for men who want to steer clear of traditional gold or silver colors. Wedding bands made of cobalt chrome are hard enough to be shatterproof, and yet, these rings are compatible in weight to gold rings.

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