How to be intimidating with your eyes Eye Reading (Body Language)

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How to be intimidating with your eyes

To be liked is desired more than the desire to be successful. Life is a game. It's better to look big and have some power behind you. Often, forced crying in order to gain sympathy or deceive others is known as "crocodile tears" - an expression from myths of crocodiles 'crying' when catching prey. Let's start with the basics — to project confidence in your eyes you obviously need to be comfortable making eye contact and maintaining it. Tell yourself to be calm and easy, don't try to impress anyone, but rather feel good in your own skin. Then, if that doesn't work, I'll threaten the fuckers with violence. To others, it simply seems as if you are intently, intimately focused on the subject of your gaze. I'd turn up and be like, "Listen, this is how it is. You might not die, and if you do that I'll have to come in. How to be intimidating with your eyes

How to be intimidating with your eyes

How to be intimidating with your eyes

How to be intimidating with your eyes

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    If your goal is to develop a more threatening reputation you can try to practice the power gaze with a mirror, or even better, with a friend as sort of a staring contest. Teeth-baring - in the form of a grimace or jaw-jutting does the same. Recreating that body language, I have my head up, with straight posture, and am focused straight ahead.

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    A teacher whether seated or standing can subdue a sixth grader from across the room.

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