Choosing others dating and mate selection

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Choosing others dating and mate selection

In my opinion, however, there needn't be any real 'theory' on why we chose the people that we do beyond 1 a description of the cultural norms, or in general, social mechanisms that influence the individual's decision-making and 2 a description of the psychological response to these social mechanisms. People have certain 'resources' and depending on these resources, can make certain 'trades'. What I learned I was unaware of many of the ways in which people meet others -- I didn't realize that there were personal classifieds, or that mail-order brides were so popular. Why do some men prefer mail-order wives over American brides? Although most people make their dating choices based on homogamous models, an increasing number of people are heterogamous, chosing partners across social boundries with regards to sex, social class, faith, race, and ethnicity. Chapter 8 Choosing Others: Dating someone geographically close to you is an example of - propinquity The idea that physically attractive people are assumed to possess other desirable characteristics such as warmth, sexual responsiveness, kindness, poise, sociability and good character is called - "halo effect". Why we choose each other: What is "hooking up? The Dating Spectrum -- The chapter distinguishes between traditional and contemporary dating types: What are some advantages of "hooking up? Choosing others dating and mate selection

Choosing others dating and mate selection

Choosing others dating and mate selection

Choosing others dating and mate selection

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    What are some advantages of "hooking up? Chapter 8 Choosing Others:

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    Accessibility, low cost, large selection of potential mates, anonymity, and more substantial relationships based on more than looks are all advantages of - cyberdating is finding potential mates through the internet Disadvantages of cyberdating are - "rebound people" who have no recovered from past relationships, extramarital affairs, deception, superficial people, and rejection possibly causing stalking or harrassing.

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    People have certain 'resources' and depending on these resources, can make certain 'trades'.

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    Other cultures are homogamous, where people who are more alike are seen as better suited for eachother. Power, Control, and Violence -- Asymmetries in power exist in some relationships and to different extents. Equity Theory, by the same token, assesses what the a relationship is for each individual within the relationship -- if it is equitible for both individuals, then the relationship is 'happier'.

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