Are colds contagious through kissing 10 Misconceptions About Cold and Flu

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Are colds contagious through kissing

For example, influenza the flu is contagious a full 24 hours before symptoms start. Certainly, most adults get two to five colds a year schoolchildren can catch double this number. Once you've had the flu, you develop antibody protection to the viral strain that caused it. But infection with one type of influenza strain will not safeguard you against any new or mutated or different viral strains. But if you both want to, take the above into consideration when making your decision. Advertising Policy 3. So do we just have to accept colds as inevitable? The flu is serious and you don't want to put your partner at risk by passing it over. The "stomach flu" is caused by the same virus that causes influenza. What are your concerns? Have a cold, sore throat or other virus? Not necessarily. Take snogging. Or, more likely still, you are kicking someone you know for infecting you. Share via Email If you are among the thousands of British people to have called in sick from work this week with a cold you probably called it flu - it sounds so much more convincing that way, doesn't it? Are colds contagious through kissing

Are colds contagious through kissing

Are colds contagious through kissing

Are colds contagious through kissing

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