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Texturizer pictures

And though I knew the risks, knew what I was doing, and loved my results, it pained me to start over after no longer desiring to wear my hair in that specific style. This is when you need to honestly assess your hair to get the best results. I can notice a slight variation in color though since henna does give a mahogany red tint to my dark brown hair. Texturizer Products While there are products designed specifically for this process, it's important to understand that they contain the same ingredients as most relaxers. Z-shaped curls do not texturize well at all, though they do respond well to relaxers. There are a number of other differences between relaxers and texturizer that are important to consider before you head to the salon. If you want to purchase products specifically created for texturizing, these are often recommended: Remember that only the hair that is treated will look loosened. The Texturizer Process Texturizers permanently change the structure of hair. Despite what some products may claim, texturizers are not "natural. My favorite henna mix is with coconut milk and usually hemp seed oil. Getting either chemical process done at the salon will also help eliminate the risk of damage to your hair. It is important to use a neutralizing shampoo to wash the chemicals out of your hair. Since the chemicals can be damaging and dry out your hair more than it naturally is, you'll want to use plenty of moisturizing products. Any overlap will further straighten the already texturized hair, resulting in two hair textures. The main protein is keratin and it contains an amino acid called cysteine, which contributes to curly hair. If a person does not want to eliminate their natural curls, but would like their hair to be more manageable, texturizers would be a fantastic option for them. Texturizer pictures

Texturizer pictures

Texturizer pictures

Texturizer pictures

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  • Gogal says:

    Results Qualified stylists who care about the health of their clients' hair can typically get consistent results with relaxers, and even texturizers, although the latter tend to be a bit trickier. Z-shaped curls do not texturize well at all, though they do respond well to relaxers. Overall, having a texturizer makes many users feel that their tresses are more manageable.

  • Meztijar says:

    Both men and women can benefit from texturizers. The nice thing about a texturizer is that new growth isn't as apparent as it is with straight relaxed hair. On the other hand, a texturizer will only loosen or relax your natural curl pattern.

  • Fenrim says:

    Would you like to try a texturizer, but do not understand how they work? Instead, they will loosen the natural curl pattern.

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    Though it makes the transition easier by loosening the texture, putting less stress on the line of demarcation, it makes for a longer transition because you will still have to transition out of the texturizer in order to be completely chemical free- doubling your transitioning phase. Z-shaped curls can produce unpredictable results and it may be better to go with a relaxer.

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