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Lost tapes imdb

After the success of his first abduction and murder, the killer becomes less impulsive in his crimes. Foley continues to plead his innocence and refuses to make any deals. Taking advantage that she is alone he enters her home, secretly walking through the house. Plot[ edit ] When police raid a house in a city north of New York, they discover a profoundly disturbing record of one man's ugly crimes. In an interview, she identifies with her captor and defends him, saying that he loved her and will come back for her. Rather than killing Cheryl, he imprisons her in his basement, abusing her sexually, physically and psychologically as his "slave", a name he beats her into accepting as her new one. It is only after the discovery of the tapes it becomes clear that this crime scene has been carefully arranged in order to obscure possible psychological profiling. It is then shown that the killer is stalking his next victim, the teenage Cheryl Dempsey. It dawns on Victoria that she is confronted with the man that has abducted her daughter; he merely chuckles and runs away while she is paralyzed with shock. After a period of prolonged hyperventilation , the film ends as her eyes close. Lost tapes imdb

Lost tapes imdb

Lost tapes imdb

Lost tapes imdb

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