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Foreskin balloon stretcher

So rather than exert an opposing force onto the phimotic band and stimulate it to grow, these balloons simply pouch outwards. Remember, if you want your tight foreskin to loosen, you have to apply enough pressure on the phimotic band to trigger an adaptive response that results in real tissue growth. The GlansPro stretcher works in a similar way, giving you perfect control over the prongs that stretch your foreskin. Seeing a doctor may be necessary if you have tight foreskin that you cannot loosen even after working through your stretches. GlansPro uses high quality surgical grade stainless steel which is precision tooled and each piece is thoroughly inspected before shipping out. Your body will do the rest. So before jumping to the drastic decision of slicing off my foreskin, I decided to try manual stretching using the GlansPro device. That's when I found the glanspro stretcher in mid may of this year and started using it. This helps avoid folding it back or getting it stuck around the glans. You may find that using warm water can help make your foreskin easier to stretch. Foreskin balloon stretcher

Foreskin balloon stretcher

Foreskin balloon stretcher

Foreskin balloon stretcher

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    If this occurs, you should go to the hospital immediately. Phimotic skin follows the same biological rules as the skin over the rest of our body.

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    Phimostop allows to block the progression of the disease and gradually returns the penis to its original condition.

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