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Naked party sex wild

Pete and I just looked at each other and grinned. I was envious of the necklace. Heather was staring at the trio across from us. I grabbed her sweet ass and kneaded her as she moved over to straddle my lap. Heather had pulled my trunks down and was kneeling between my legs sucking on my rock hard erection. She smiled that radiant smile. Then she gave me that beautiful smile. Just look at the orgy in the middle of the room, this hot blonde was on her knees, unzipping the jeans of a lucky guy, chocking on his throbbing erection, blowing his fucking tool and deepthroating it as good as she could. We end up giving him head together. Another naughty brunette co-ed got down and dirty in the bed, getting fucked doggy style. She came around and leaned over so she could see my computer screen. She giggled and then moaned. She had wide hips and big boobs but carried it all well. She has soft brown hair cut short, nice full firm breasts and an ass to die for. I noticed she had switched from white wine to apple martinis. Sherry was sucking on Emma's nipples. You'll be there. Naked party sex wild

Naked party sex wild

Naked party sex wild

Naked party sex wild

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    We agreed to go out on a date that night Now it was time to test her fuck holes!

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    Her red bikini looked great on her, barely covering her nice breasts and very skimpy down below as well.

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    He reached out and put his arm around her.

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    We both got naked and climbed in my bed. Heather had picked out a very sexy red party dress that showed off her body almost too well. We got our swimsuits on and took a dip.

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    I looked over at Pete and he was grinning and sipping his beer.

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