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Travelling had become such a disjointed affair that the whole entourage would be spread over hundreds of miles rather than everybody travelling together. It was about seeing record sales go up in smoke. Mr Eric Clapton and Mr Steve Winwood had simply wanted to make something good together and their union had seemed a match made in heaven. They performed the four songs on the first side of Blind Faith as well as selections from Traffic, Derek and the Dominos, Clapton's solo career and some covers. I went along with it only because, after a while, if a band is successful, the name loses its meaning and just becomes a label. Feeling that Winwood had the better voice, Clapton continually encouraged him to take most of the limelight. This freed him of the limelight that he had considered a plague to both Cream and Blind Faith. When he finally got home to the UK, he met with Winwood and was upset to find that the band had split up. Road crew security men and support bands pushed it round manually. He never said why, he never said he was splitting. Then we had all our equipment nicked in New York, and I lost my passport and it all sort of fizzled out. Ginger martin naked

Ginger martin naked

Ginger martin naked

Ginger martin naked

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    The rumours are flying and these four berks at the back know nothing about it. Blind Faith was a great live band at the Garden I was flying the whole time.

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    At the Hyde Park concert in We knew the numbers, but not to the extent of not having to think about them. A week later, as the tour rumbled on, up into Canada then back down again into Milwaukee, the album was confirmed gold.

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