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Jennifer Aniston-Sexy Scenes in Horrible Bosses

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Horrible bosses hot scenes

She shows us quickly in the first movie just how forward she's going to be in this sexually explicit role. Julia isn't shy as we all came to learn. This picture comes courtesy of the first movie and is during a conversation that she's having with fellow actor Charlie Day. She's so gorgeous in this photograph, right? The ending of the movie leaves us thinking that Julia took advantage of Dale while he was in a coma for four days. We're thinking there's going to be yet another Horrible Bosses. She's got them all in such a pickle no pun intended that all of them finally cave into her demands and decide they'll have a foursome. It's kind of obvious don't you think? When we found this photo of her floating around online, we knew instantly that it might be the best photo we find all day of the actress in Horrible Bosses. She's always had an amazing, warm glow, accompanied by an equally amazing smile. Both keep her looking great in whatever acting role she chooses to take. But, then we wouldn't be able to use this great photo of her and that would be a shame, though. After going through our list of Jennifer Aniston's photos from Horrible Bosses you'll be able to understand why she's been voted "the world's most beautiful woman" two different times. Well, that's probably because only a few of the luckiest men on earth have gotten to see her like that. Wearing a short black shirt, with her big bright blue eyes that pop. This photo speaks a loudly, doesn't it? Horrible bosses hot scenes

Horrible bosses hot scenes

Horrible bosses hot scenes

Horrible bosses hot scenes

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  • Kigajar says:

    Her sex appeal for the entirety of her career is most certainly off the flippin' charts don't you think?

  • Visho says:

    Sex of course. She's always had an amazing, warm glow, accompanied by an equally amazing smile.

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