How to remove sun tan in a day How to Remove Sun Tan from Face

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Magical Mask to Remove Sun Tan Instantly from Face & Body

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How to remove sun tan in a day

One small bowl. Method for Skin Lightening Scrub Mix up all of the ingredients together in the bowl. Add 1 tsp of turmeric to a cup of Bengal gram flour, and mix some water or milk to make a thin paste. Regular use will help fade the tan from your skin. Many people deliberately spend time on the beach or at the pool, in an attempt to darken the skin. The sun triggers the production of melanin in the skin. In case of severe sun tanning, it becomes vital to consult a skin doctor. Take tbsp of besanand add tbsp of plain, unflavoured yoghurt to it. Avoid eyes, and hair. This results in a darker face, while the arms and legs may be lighter. How to remove sun tan in a day

How to remove sun tan in a day

How to remove sun tan in a day

How to remove sun tan in a day

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