What can i legally do at 18 30 Exciting Things That You Can do Once You Turn 18

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Why Are You An Adult At Age 18?

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What can i legally do at 18

We kid! You can finally be a responsible adult who helps the community. Another very important right you now have is the ability to vote. Drink Internationally Although you may not be able to drink in the U. At 18, you are now old enough to donate blood, which is awesome because each time you go in to donate, you can save three lives. Work full time. Mississippi requires you to be 21, and Nebraska requires you to be 19 before you can get married without parental consent. You are now able to experience some of the finer thrills in life and this is one of them! Being 18 means you are responsible for your own decisions, and that includes what you want to do to your body. It's also especially important for year-olds to understand legal consequences if they are still in high school or are surrounded by younger friends. Young men must also register with the National Selective Service. Cross your fingers! Pawn Your Stuff Want to get rid of stuff, but still make money off of it? You can finally help save a life by donating your blood! Become A Voter This might not sound exciting to some, but others have been waiting for this moment for what feels like forever! Donate blood and become an organ donor. What can i legally do at 18

What can i legally do at 18

What can i legally do at 18

What can i legally do at 18

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    The federal government has established 18 as the age of consent to legally engage in sexual activities with another person aged 18 or older.

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    Becoming a voter is one of the most grown up things that you could possibly do. Getting a bank account is necessary at some point. You can be selected for jury duty.

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    This way you can get checks and start building your credit.

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    Getting a bank account is necessary at some point.

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